Diet Suggestion For Quitting Sugar

Rewiring your brain is important to quit sugar; however, it will take a little more than only rewiring to quit sugar forever. Experts have made some suggestions to change the diet chart of your meals in order to get rid of sugar craving forever. The person should mainly try to switch the diet from higher sugar to higher fiber, proteins and other healthy nutrients without losing taste.

Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast No. 1

Try to switch the peanut butter on an English muffin with Avocado Toast Peanut Butter is probably the most loved foods of all time and it is ideal for breakfast. However, it has added sweetness to it which is added by using palm fruit oil and is harming to health and your sugar quitting goals. Avocado with on sprouted bread will give you high-fat content and sprouted bread is rich in fibers, minerals, and vitamins.

Breakfast No. 2

Almond milk and whole grain cereal is another widely used form of breakfast.  It has been observed by the Nutritionists and health experts that most of the milk including nut milk, soy milk, and rice milk contain a lot of sugar and it is not healthy for you if you want to cut back to sugar and dairy products. Try to replace the breakfast with overnight oats in unsweetened milk. You can berries and ground cinnamon to add the taste.


Lunch No.1

Like many other foods which have sugar as a hidden ingredient in them. These foods include ketchup, soups with tomatoes in it and pasta sauces. So, try to avoid tomato soup in your lunch and switch the lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup with Turkey Sandwich and Lentil soup. If you still want a tomato soup to make your own by mashing cooked tomatoes and adding minced garlic and freshly ground pepper. However, a lettuce-wrapped turkey sandwich with lentil soup is always a better option.

Lunch No. 2

The broccoli salad which looks like healthy food, don’t let it fool you, the dressing on the salad might add up into your sugar intake. The dressing typically includes tomatoes, bacon bits, red onions, and a cup of sugar and it will increase the sugar level up. In order to get a balanced meal, make salmon salad with fresh berries, salmon is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids and lean proteins while berries are for natural sweetness. A little bit lemon juice can be added into the salad to make it taste good.


Dinner No. 1

Barbecue sounds tasty and juicy. However, it also has a lot of sugar in it, and the baked beans with it are although healthy, but the ingredients in the salad have a higher amount of sugar. You can always have an alternative to rotisserie chicken with cannellini bean salad.

Dinner No. 2

Teriyaki tuna sauce sounds fine and harmless, but it has mirin in it which is high in sugar, carbohydrates, and cornstarch. A perfect alternative for Teriyaki Tuna sauce and mashed potatoes will be pepper-crusted Tuna steak and sweet potatoes.